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Poems written in memory of Andrew

A Christmas Tear - By Alan Nelson

My Son Has Passed Before Me - By Alan Nelson

By Alan H. Nelson Proud Father of PFC Andrew H. Nelson
Killed by an IED In Baghdad Iraq On December 25, 2006

My Son has passed before me, for reasons that we don’t know,
God has all the answers, that one day he will show.
Our lives are very busy, sometimes quite a mess,
But keep your faith and believe in God and surely you’ll be blessed.
Live your life every day, as if it were your last,
Always be forgiving, because life goes way to fast.
Hug your Spouse and your Kids, your Parents and Siblings too,
Don’t let pride stand in the way, tell them daily, “I love you “.
Old friends are forever, even though we may lose track,
It’s time to call them and reconnect, a time for looking back.
My Son that passed before me will be forever in our prayers,
And to all our friends and family, just remember that God Cares!

Wintershade - By Kevin Hayes


Heaven Needed My Son - By Larry Howland

Mills Poem - By Ferna Lary Mills